On Scrum Gathering Porto 2016 I had an awesome experience!
At the first day I made a session with @samuelmbc, who works with me at K21, about Retrospectives. Later I'll update this post with the slides link.
At the second day I made a session about EVDnC - Extreme Value Driven Coaching. You can check the slides here.
At the third day, my favorite one: Visual Facilitation using Sketchnotes. At this session I used a sketchnote to talk about sketchnoting. :) You can find the presentation here, and also check the original sketch below.
After the session I found on Twitter this amazing message from @AntonietaPLeao, who was on my session. :)
I have to be honest: I didn't sketched too much during the conference. The only big sketch I made was on @GeorgFasching great workshop about Coaching.
I felt that I had to put @DonovanBrown definition of DevOps on the paper during his KeyNote.
@nrgomes challenged me to make the Visual Notetaking of the great @ran_nyman keynote on a flipchart. It was my first time doing it. The result you can check below.
At the last day, I've passed trough a lot of Open Spaces. On the MobProgramming Open Space, facilitated by the amazing @ademar_aguiar, I took two notes that remembered me what @WoodyZuill taught me almost two years ago.
I found some doodles and messages on random tables during the conference. Interesting.
On the plane, flying back to Brazil, I registered two cultural and linguistic lessons learned on that 4 gorgeous days I spent on Porto. 
I would like to thank everyone I met on Scrum Gathering Porto 2016. Also all the staff and volunteers! It was REALLY REALLY AWESOME!
ps: If you have any photo of any sketch I made during the event and did not post here, please send me! :D

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